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The Keimli Mini Seed Germinator sprouter by bioSnacky makes sprouting so quick and easy. This super simple starter equipment is the optimal way to get into the sprouting and raising of seeds. A handy sized mini germinator ideal for those with limited space, or who require a smaller batch of sprouts.

Product Usage

Instructions for Use
Preparation - Rinse tray base and sieve with cold water. Fill tray base with about 1cm of water. Rinse the seeds thoroughly under running water.
Sowing the seeds - Spread a thin layer of seeds in the sieve. Distribute the seeds according to the guidelines for amounts given in the seed growing chart.
Watering - Submerge the sieve in water 2 or 3 times to ensure that the seeds are sufficiently wet. Please note that each type of seed needs a different amount of water.
Place the sieve in the little stands in the seed tray. Seeds should not lie in water. Leave the surplus water in germinator in order to ensure optimum moisture - do not drain water away.
Light - Place the closed Mini Germinator in a light place, away from direct sunlight.
Cleaning - The bioSnacky Mini Germinator must be thoroughly washed prior to cultivating new seeds, preferably using a soft brush and a little fruit vinegar. Rinse thoroughly in clean water or place on the top rack of the dishwasher. Please note - the sieve is NOT dishwasher safe!
An instruction booklet is provided with the Sprouter.

Product Contents

The dimensions of the bioSnacky Keimli Seed Germinator are as follows :
Height 9cm, Diameter 15cm ( 3½" x 6")