Bio Magnetic Therapy - BIO MAG Wool Queen Underlay

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Our deluxe wool underlays are the most popular and most luxurious of The Natural bioMagnetic bedding products. Air pockets created by the deep woollen pile keep the body warm in winter and help it stay cool in summer. And thick padding ensures the individually sewn magnets simply enhance your sleep, health and wellbeing, night after night.

Product Usage

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers, insulin pumps or other critical or implanted electronic devices should obtain advice from their doctor before using magnetic products.

Product Contents

Double - 257 magnets underlay + 40 magnets pillow protectors

Equally as important is the quality and the magnets gauss rating. The Natural BioMagnetic uses magnets of 1,000 gauss (gauss is what the strength rating is called), which is the ideal strength for use in magnetic therapy achieved while sleeping or lying down.