Onno Behrends Tea - OBT Chamomile Tea 50tb

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CAMOMILE health/herbal tea is a delicious soothing calming tea. Ideal in the evenings to relax you before bed, CAMOMILE health/herbal tea is also great when feeling a little stressed and wound up.

This health tea is a stress buster and it aids in the fight against insomnia.

Product Usage

Drinking CAMOMILE tea has been found to be beneficial in treating PMS ans menstrural cramps.

CAMOMILE tea can also be cooled and given to babies to sooth colic and wind. This is an old remedy favoured by Italian families.

If you want relief from a headache or migraine, try sipping a CAMOMILE tea while relaxing in a hot bath, preferrably when you first notice the symptoms, as it will aid in reducing the effects.

Product Contents

Onno Behrends is noted as all natural, herbal tea which is also caffeine free. Pure Camomile